I think the best part is to feel part of an autogenerated system able to transform things, to influence them. Music is able to make you cry, give you energy, make you dance, catapult yourself into a mystical world difficult to explain.

If you add that all this can happen with the complicity of other people who are influenced by you, by your sound, by your improvisation which in turn suffers from the influence of others, as in jazz, then you are within the rhythm of the universe. You can watch from the top and see you perfectly inserted and protagonist, soloist and part of a group that dialogues with everything.

About Leo

Leonardo Cesari is graduated in jazz at the ” Licinio Refice” academy of music in Frosinone, Italy. He plays drums and percussion in groups like Piccola banda Ikona and Klezroym,

He teamworks as drummer with different musicians and as regular in jazz groups for whom he composes music. He has written soundtracks for documentaries and tv programs like “La storia siamo noi” di G.Minoli, “Mi manda raitre”, “Le falde del Kilimangiaro”. He has recorded many records by his own reaching the first place in the HMV Japanese charts in 2002 for Rambling Records.


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